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History About The Author

As a football player that never played any youth football growing up, including Pop Warner and or high school, I was able to learn quickly and precisely the position of cornerback at Southwest community college due to my coach, mentor, and friend Ray Denham. First of all, I never learned any bad habits and second I was extremely eager to learn as much as I possibly could to actually play in the games, and that I did. Achieving several prestigious honors which allowed  me to receive an athletic scholarship to California State University Long Beach. Then on to the Los Angeles Rams and The Super Bowl.

Interception against Bengals

A Workbook to Become a Great Defensive Back

and a Great Defensive Back Coach

Playing the Football 14 Ways

  1. Always go to the ball at the Highest point.
  2. When the ball is in the air, Play the Ball, not the receiver, be aggressive to the ball.
  3. Aggressiveness is difficult to teach.  It starts in practice. Be intense but not ANGRY!
  4. Go to the ball with both hands if possible.
  5. Never touch the receiver until the ball is in contact with his hands.
  6. Try to Knock the ball upward if you can, a tip ball can be intercepted by a teammate.
  7. Remember you have equal rights to the football once it is in the air.

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Most Importantly It’s Mental

Taking the knowledge from the book and applying it on the field.

Creating Positive Expectations

I believe in me, I deserve it all, I am successful, I will create my own opportunities, I can make things happen, I get better and better every day, I will make a big play, I will never give up, I will get an interception, I will work harder than anyone else, I am a team player, I am the greatest and I will prove it, I will study harder than anyone, I am determined, I will succeed.

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As a former defensive back in the National Football League with the Los Angeles Rams and the Indianapolis Colts, I decided to formulate this Instructional Guide after years of playing experience, coaching and research. Through the years I have noticed that the position of Cornerback and Safety has been glamorized, but not specialized. Meaning, the Art of the position, especially the Corner back position has lost its true purpose, style, skills and technique. The content of this book, if practiced, will turn a good defensive back (athlete) into a phenomenal defensive back and turn a good defensive back coach into a great one. I have spoken to many of my former teammates and fellow NFL alumni’s, particularly defensive backs and wide receivers and have combined their knowledge and techniques along with my own and my experiences to enhance the talent of the players today.

In essence I have created this easy to use and easy to understand process of how to cover a wide receiver in a one on one situation and also how to properly play in a zone coverage. There are a few pointers and tips of accurate tackling techniques and responsibilities of the cornerback and safety positions as well. But the true content of this book is “Man to Man” coverage “The Lost Art”.

I have taught and coached many players from all ages and level’s, all of these basic fundamentals. If you are a player, you will have to work very hard to master and perfect these skills. It has little to do with how fast you are. Speed is important, but knowing the right things to do and how to do them are the keys to your success. I will show you the right things to do and how to do them. If you study these points and practice them, you will develop into a quality defensive back, even if you are already playing or coaching at the professional level.

If you are at that level (NFL, CFL, AFL) and think there is nothing left for you to learn, you are mistaken. There are always more things to learn, more to experience and better ways of getting the best results. The information, I will be teaching and you will be learning is one of those ways. If you are a defensive back coach, this information will give you the knowledge to teach and develop your players faster and with more tools to continue moving upwards.

All of my coaching points and explanations are from a player’s point of view. This is not a theory. This is practical on the field information, which will turn into great success for anyone with athletic potential. But, again you will have to pay a price. You’ve got to do the work. Once you read through this document, you will have to take this powerful insight and knowledge to the field. You will have to make time to work alone and time to work with other players and or coaches. Again, you can work everyday, all day, but without the proper information and guidelines, it’s all very limited and truly worthless.

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