While watching this one on one practice video, please pay attention to:   A) The footwork  B) The slow fast slow technique   C) The cut off on deep routes   D) The look back on the deep ball   E)  Cushion control   F) The Alignment position  G) Body position   H) Foot position on the drive

While watching this video focus on number 24. Watch his body technique and footwork. Also pay attention to his focus point, what and where he’s looking to give him an indication where the ball may go once it leaves the Q.B.”s hand. Also how he keeps his alignment and cushion on the receiver.

This video is the end result of the teaching and coaching I’ve implemented in THE LOST ART. All of the techniques, drills, and workouts I’ve laid out in the book will give you results like these. I taught and trained Airabin since he was 10 years old. He is truly one of the best man to man cover corner ever.

Watch the reaction time of the corner after reading the Q.B.”s drop and release of the ball. His drive and reaction was so quick he nearly ran thru the receiver. THIS COULD BE YOU.

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