Secondary Techniques and Requirements

The basic requirements that you will need to play in the secondary are:

  1. Speed: Of course you must be in condition and fight to maintain this condition throughout the year, running and training constantly working to always get faster.
  2. Strength: You have to work to maintain your body strength to prevent injuries and develop muscle memory. (Weight room and isometric training)
  3. Flexibility: You definitely need to stretch daily to ensure positive muscle reaction and maximum acceleration and to also prevent injury. You will need flexibility to run forwards, backwards, sideways, quick burst turns, move and jumps. Try Yoga and dance. (Believe me, dancing will give you a leg up, in your timing and flexibility).
  4. Quick Reflexes: Quickness is everything in pass defense. When I refer to quickness I mean the quickness of your mind, your hands, your feet, your eyes and every reflex needed to cover a “great receiver.

Therefore, when I refer to your quickness as a defensive back, it mean’s your ability to move and react as quick as the receiver’s actions dictate.

“Tiger like reactions”.

  1. Desire: You have to want to be the very best, working and studying daily. Having no excuses. You control your own desire.
  2. Endurance: You must stay in shape to perform at your highest level.  Run at least one mile daily.
  3. Concentration: You must be aware of all situations and personnel. Know where you are supposed to be at all times. Know your surroundings.
  4. Confidence: You have got believe in your abilities. Trust your intuitions.

You have to believe you are the best, even if it’s in your own mind.

Believe what you see.

Being confident is a must.

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